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When plans to launch Alozio Hair were first dreamed up, a reoccurring theme seemed to continually rise to the forefront during brainstorming sessions: Leave nothing to chance; allow every detail in the space to tell a specific story and trigger a welcomed experience.
Dark woods, minimal decor, Zen like ambiance, top notch equipment, and staff/team members made up of personable multilingual students and experienced personnel hungry and passionate about the field, and most importantly, about the message Alozio Hair communicates.
The small loft like space feels cozy and allows one to feel right at home. Except this “home” away from the one left behind comes with concierge service for out of town and local ins, a kitchenette prepared to fill any craving [be it fresh brewed coffee, tea, fresh baked goods, selected sparkled beverages or sweet tooth desires for visitors of all ages].
Floor to ceiling mirrors, comfortable seating at every station, wash station bowls designed to support the neck and head, natural light coupled with contemporary fixtures, and fresh flowers stand out from the competition attempting to make the [false] claim of “experiencing comfort.”
 Zen comfort, no hard lines, no separation from the rest of the salon. You don’t need an extra set of walls to feel like you’re getting the attention you deserve from your stylist professional here.  
 Thierry, Jazmen, [his wife and business partner] and the Alozio Team welcome you to experience the “ultimate experience” you deserve.

Thierry & Jazmen


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